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Platelet-rich Plasma at Skin Medical

Discover PRP at the award-winning Skin Medical clinic in Northwood, London.

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

Injecting plasma extracted from a patient’s own blood into their skin has been shown to have rejuvenating effects on skin texture, thickness, fine lines, pore size, and wrinkles. This treatment is known as Platelet-rich Plasma or PRP. 

Although blood is mainly liquid plasma, it also contains small solid components (red cells, white cells, and platelets). Platelets are best known for their role in clotting blood, but they also contain proteins called growth factors that are important in the healing of injuries. Blood is drawn from the patient and the platelets are separated from other blood cells and concentrated by a process called centrifugation. The concentration boosts the growth factors up to five to 10 times greater than usual and these platelets are then injected into the skin.

PRP is used both in skin treatments for the face, neck and hands and in the scalp to tackle hair thinning. It can also be used to treat vaginal laxity. It is now widely used in sports medicine to treat tendon injuries. 


PRP Frequently asked questions

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What is the PRP process?

A small amount of blood – about 15ml – is drawn from the arm and placed in a centrifuge, which separates out the plasma containing the important growth factors. The PRP is then immediately injected into the skin with a needle. For anyone with an aversion to having foreign substances such as fillers injected into their body, PRP is a viable alternative.

What is PRP used to treat?
  • PRP may not offer the volume boost that dermal fillers provide, but it has been found to smooth the skin of the face, soften wrinkles and plump up the skin’s surface. 


  • PRP is also gaining popularity as a non-surgical treatment for mild hair thinning for both women and men. The growth factor rich-plasma is used to stimulate the hair follicles on the scalp with the aim of prolonging the hair growth cycle. 


  • A combination of PRP and Nanofat injections is showing promise in hair restoration treatment. A Nanofat procedure involves taking a patient’s own fat cells, and creating a stem cell-rich liquid that is injected. The growth factors of the PRP can help activate the cell division and some of the regenerative cells of this fat, boosting hair regrowth. 


  • The injection of PRP into the walls of the vagina has been shown to help patients who are experiencing vaginal laxity, dryness, irritation, and painful intercourse. PRP can help improve skin firmness, strengthen muscle tone in the pelvic floor, heal tears and reduce stretch marks. 


  • Studies have shown that PRP can help with damage to tendons by reducing inflammation and stimulating immune function. Tendons and ligaments are by nature served by a poor blood supply so can take a long time to heal. It seems PRP can help with inflammation, but not negate the need for surgery for more serious injuries. 


  • There have also been some promising results found with osteoarthritis in the knee joint.
How long does PRP take?

PRP usually takes around 30 minutes to an hour. A course of treatment may be needed at intervals of four to six weeks. One patient who tried PRP on her face commented on the speed of the whole procedure. She said creating the PRP took less than 10 minutes, and only another 10 to have it injected into the skin around her cheeks, mouth and chin. She reported a month later that the treated area looked softer, clearer and smoother.

Can PRP be combined with other treatments?

PRP can help enhance the results of other treatments, such as laser-based skin rejuvenation and radiofrequency. That is because PRP enhances the skin’s ability to repair itself, leading to decreased downtime from other procedures and better overall results.

PRP Treatment Overview



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