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Cheek Fillers at Skin Medical

Discover our range of cheek filler treatments at our award-winning Skin Medical clinic in Northwood, London.

Replace lost cheek volume

Cheek and mid-face fillers are becoming increasingly popular treatments.

When we’re young, our cheeks are naturally plump and our cheekbones well-defined. 

However, as we age, we start to lose this volume with shadows and dark lines appearing. Not only do hyaluronic acid and collagen levels deplete over time, but gravity also plays a role in pulling down our skin’s underlying support structures, such as the fat pads beneath our eyes and in the mid-face. Additionally, bone resorption weakens our facial scaffolding.

All this can result in us looking older and more tired then we feel. Start to correct those signs of ageing today with our range of cheek filler treatments.


How cheek fillers work to address your concerns

Cheek fillers offer a predictable solution to achieve fuller, more defined cheeks. They are effective at taking the edge off the ageing and volume loss you may be experiencing. 

This medical procedure involves injecting safe, dermal, HA, or collagen stimulating fillers around and above your cheekbones to restore lost volume and enhance facial contours. 

At Skin Medical, we use a variety of cheek fillers, tailored to your unique needs and goals. The procedure usually takes less than 30 minutes, with results lasting between six to 24 months.


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Cheek filler treatment overview

Procedure time: 30-60 minutes
Number of treatments: 1
Anaesthetic: Local
Side Effects: Swelling, bruising, asymmetry
Results: immediate
Duration of Results: 6-18 Months

More details

Which Brands?We only use premium HA and collagen stimulator Brands
Who do you have the treatment with?Dr Sabika Karim
When will see results?You will see an immediate result
How much does it cost?££ - £££
Do I need a consultation?A consultation is compulsory for all treatments

Cheek And Under Eye Dermal Filler Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Contact our team who will be happy to answer any queries or concerns.

What are cheek fillers?

Cheek fillers are injectable treatments designed to restore volume, enhance contour, and lift the mid-face area. Using hyaluronic acid-based fillers, the treatment helps to create a more youthful and sculpted appearance by targeting areas that have lost volume due to ageing or weight loss.

How do cheek fillers differ from under-eye fillers?

Cheek fillers focus on adding volume and lift to the mid-face, enhancing the overall contour and providing support to the skin. Under-eye fillers, on the other hand, specifically target the tear trough area to reduce hollowness and dark circles. Both treatments can either use hyaluronic acid-based fillers or other skin boosting fillers such as polynucleotides.

Where else can dermal fillers be used?

HA Dermal fillers are remarkably effective for a variety of applications. These include restoring lost volume to areas of the face affected by the natural ageing process, enhancing the structure of the face—for example, augmenting the chin, jawline, or defining the cheekbones—and rejuvenating other areas such as the hands, knees, and smoothing body contours.

How long do the results last?

The longevity of the results varies depending on the type of filler used, the area treated, and individual factors such as metabolism. Generally, cheek fillers can last between 12-18 months with collagen stimulators lasting longer. This varies depending on the product utilised so its best to consult the team to understand what is right for you.

Is there any downtime after the treatment?

There is minimal downtime associated with these treatments. Most patients can return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure. However, it’s advisable to avoid strenuous activities, alcohol, and exposure to extreme temperatures for the first 24-48 hours.

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