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Liquid Lift Treatment at Skin Medical

Discover the Liquid Lift. A non-surgical alternative which offers full face rejuvenation without the downtime.

What is a Liquid Lift?

A Liquid Lift, or Liquid Facelift is one of our most innovative and popular treatments at Skin Medical. The procedure is designed by Dr Sabika to enhance facial contours, lift the skin and restore volume using injectable treatments such as fillers and Botox.

At Skin Medical, our approach combines anti-wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers, expertly injected into targeted areas of the face. This precise technique allows us to sculpt and refine the face with meticulous attention to detail, enhancing your natural beauty by tightening and adding subtle volume to the skin.

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The Liquid Lift is perfect for those are looking to reduce the signs of ageing without going under the knife.

There are a number of key benefits associated with a Liquid Lift vs a Surgical Facelift these include;

  • Non-Surgical Solution: Achieve facelift-like results without having to resort to surgery.
  • Instant Results: The Liquid Lift provides noticeable results immediately after the procedure.
  • Minimal Downtime: Benefit from a quick recovery period, with most patients returning to normal activities the same day.
  • Customised Treatment: Tailored to your unique facial structure and aesthetic goals. Every treatment is different with flexible techniques depending on your needs. 
  • Risk of complications: By avoiding a surgical procedure, you reduce your risk of serious complications. Additionally, by using fillers, the result appears more natural looking.


Liquid Lift Treatment overview

Procedure time: 30-60 minutes
Number of treatments: 1
Anaesthetic: Local
Side Effects: Swelling, bruising, asymmetry
Results: immediate
Duration of Results: 6- 18 months

More details

Which Brands?We only use premium HA Brands
Who do you have the treatment with?Dr Sabika Karim
When will see results?You will see an immediate result
How much does it cost?££ - £££
Do I need a consultation?A consultation is compulsory for all treatments

Liquid Lift Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? Contact our team who will be happy to answer any queries or concerns.

What is a liquid facelift and how does it differ from a traditional facelift?

A liquid facelift is a non-surgical procedure that uses injectable treatments such as dermal fillers or Botox to enhance facial contours, restore volume, and reduce wrinkles. Unlike a traditional facelift, which involves surgical intervention to lift and tighten the skin, a liquid facelift offers similar rejuvenating results with minimal downtime and no incisions.

How long do the results of a liquid facelift last?

The longevity of a liquid facelift varies depending on the types of fillers used and individual factors such as skin type and metabolism.

Generally, results can last from 12 to 18 months. Regular maintenance treatments can help sustain the youthful appearance achieved with the initial procedure.

Is the liquid facelift procedure painful?

Most patients experience minimal discomfort during a liquid facelift. Dr Sabika uses fine needles and may apply a topical anaesthetic to enhance your comfort. Some patients report feeling a slight pinch or pressure during the injections, but overall, the procedure is well-tolerated.

Are there any side effects or downtime associated with a liquid facelift?

Common side effects are typically mild and may include redness, swelling, bruising, or tenderness at the injection sites. These effects usually resolve within a few days. Most patients can return to their normal activities immediately following the procedure, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules.

Who is a good candidate for a liquid facelift?

A good candidate for a liquid facelift is someone looking to address signs of ageing such as loss of volume, sagging skin, and wrinkles without undergoing surgery.

Ideal candidates are in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the outcomes. Dr Sabika will conduct a thorough consultation to determine if a liquid facelift is the right option for you based on your individual needs and goals.

What aftercare is required?

Immediately following the liquid Lift Dr Sabika will give you post-treatment guidelines to manage any swelling and bruising.

Patients may experience some redness and tenderness at the injection sites, which typically subside within a few days.

Applying ice packs and keeping the head elevated can help reduce swelling where necessary.

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