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Concerned about Saggy Face?

Our modern treatments for a saggy face are designed not only to reduce the appearance of sagging but also to restore the natural smoothness and elasticity of your skin.

What Causes Saggy Face?

As we age, our faces suffer from a decline in two important proteins in the skin – collagen and elastin. Collagen is made of tightly-constructed fibres, to keep the skin taut and firm. Elastin, meanwhile, enables the skin to keep its shape when pulled and stretched.

This ageing process occurs naturally and is a primary cause of a saggy face, but it can be accelerated by too much UV exposure or the result of lifestyle factors, such as smoking or poor nutrition, or as a result of a reduction of fat from the face from weight loss.

In the quest to age gracefully, a saggy face can be dispiriting and affect our self-confidence and self-esteem. However, there are options available to improve the tone and elasticity of the skin. Your practitioner can help you find the best solution by setting out a treatment plan for your skin type and health.

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Transform Your Skin with Advanced Saggy Face Treatments at Skin Medical

  1. Dermal filler injections can restore age-related volume loss in the face and improve facial symmetry. The practitioner will advise on the best filler type for the patient and their suitability for the procedure. Hyaluronic acid fillers are recommended for people trying filler for the first time.
  2. Thread lifts involve using fine sutures of biodegradable material. These sutures are threaded along the face under the skin using a needle, then pulled tight to lift the sagging skin, restoring a more youthful look. On average, a thread lift lasts from 15 to 18 months.
  3. Laser treatments can tighten sagging skin by stimulating collagen production. Most people see the best results after multiple treatments.
  4. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is designed to tighten the skin and stimulate the growth of new collagen well below the surface of the skin. The results from ultrasound are not permanent and typically last about one year.

By consulting with Dr. Sabika Karim at Skin Medical, you can explore the best options for your skin type and needs, ensuring a tailored approach to restoring a youthful appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All of the questions you need to ask about Saggy Face

How do you get rid of a saggy face?

To combat a saggy face, several effective treatments are available. Dermal filler injections can restore lost volume and improve facial symmetry, while thread lifts use fine sutures to lift sagging skin and restore a more youthful appearance. Laser treatments and High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) can also tighten sagging skin by stimulating collagen production. For personalised advice and treatment options, consult with Dr. Sabika Karim at Skin Medical.

What is the cause of a saggy face?

A saggy face is primarily caused by a decline in collagen and elastin, which are proteins that keep the skin firm and elastic. This natural ageing process can be accelerated by factors such as excessive UV exposure, smoking, poor nutrition, and weight loss that leads to fat reduction in the face.

How can I tighten my face naturally?

Natural methods to tighten the face include maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins, staying hydrated, using sunscreen daily to protect against UV damage, and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. However, for more significant results, professional treatments like dermal fillers, thread lifts, and laser treatments may be necessary.

Can saggy skin be cured?

While saggy skin cannot be completely cured, it can be significantly improved with various treatments. Dermal fillers, thread lifts, laser treatments, and HIFU can effectively tighten sagging skin and stimulate collagen production, improving the overall appearance of the face.

What is the best treatment for a drooping face?

The best treatment for a drooping face depends on individual preferences and the severity of the condition. Dermal filler injections, thread lifts, laser treatments, and HIFU are all effective options. Consulting with a qualified practitioner, such as Dr. Sabika Karim at Skin Medical, will help determine the most suitable treatment for your specific needs and goals.

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