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Concerned about Dull Skin?

If your skin feels dry and has lost its natural glow, you may need a little revitalisation therapy.

Causes of Dull Skin

Pigmentation and wrinkles caused by sun damage can dull your skin, causing it to lose elasticity and fullness. A lacklustre complexion could be the first step towards further deterioration, including dark circles, thread veins, and age spots.

A word of warning – If your skin is very grey or blue, and you’re feeling unwell, it may be a medical issue, and you must seek immediate advice from a medical practitioner. Once medical concerns are ruled out and lifestyle habits are improved, you can consider cosmetic treatments to restore skin tone and vitality.

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What are the main treatments for Dull Skin concerns?

Adopting a daily skincare regime is good practice to minimise dull skin. The best face creams for dull skin contain ingredients that brighten the complexion and improve radiance. For those wanting to take things further, here are some professional treatments.

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