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Your Annual Treatment Guide

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By Sabika Karim

At Skin Medical, we understand that your journey to radiant beauty is a personalized and ongoing experience. Dr. Sabika Karim and our expert team are thrilled to present your Annual Treatment Guide—a curated plan to embrace your beauty and well-being throughout the year.

  • Winter Wonder – Facial Harmony with Fillers

As winter sets in, kick off the year with a touch of luxury. Experience the subtle elegance of fillers like MaiLi, Juvederm, Restylane, Harmonyca, and Ellanse. Our skilled practitioners will enhance your facial proportions, restoring volume and symmetry for a radiant winter glow.

  • Spring Renewal – Sculpt and Contour with Fat Loss Procedures

As spring blossoms, it’s time for renewal. Explore our transformative fat loss procedures, including Aqualyx, CoolSculpting, Emerald Laser, and Emsculpt Neo. Target stubborn areas, sculpt your physique, and step into the warmer months with confidence.

  • Summer Splendor – Non-Surgical BBL Treatments

Get ready to shine in the summer sun with our non-surgical buttock lift treatments. Discover the innovation of Sculptra Butt Lift and Lanluma Bum Lift. Achieve natural and lifted contours without surgery. Embrace the season with a radiant and lifted silhouette.

  • Fall into Fabulous – Maintain Your Glow and Plan Ahead

As the leaves fall, focus on maintaining your radiant glow. Schedule a check-in to ensure your results are flawless. Plan ahead for the coming year, considering touch-ups or exploring new treatments.

Why Choose Skin Medical?

Dr. Sabika Karim, a pioneer in aesthetic treatments, leads our expert team. With a commitment to innovation and safety, we deliver results you can trust. From advanced fillers to state-of-the-art fat loss procedures and non-surgical BBL treatments, Skin Medical offers a comprehensive suite of aesthetic solutions tailored to your needs. Your beauty journey is unique. Our practitioners craft personalised treatment plans, ensuring each visit aligns with your goals and enhances your natural beauty.

At Skin Medical, we believe in the transformative power of aesthetic care throughout the year. Your Annual Treatment Guide is designed to celebrate your beauty, providing a roadmap to radiance in every season. Schedule your next appointment and let Skin Medical be your partner in a year of glowing transformations.

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