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Buttock Lift at Skin Medical

Discover the various non-surgical treatments to Transform, shape and contour the buttocks.

What is a buttock lift?

A buttock lift, can reference many different types of treatment. The commonly known term is a Brazilian Butt Lift or ‘BBL’ which is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the shape and contour of the buttocks.

There are now many different non-surgical treatment options to achieve a buttock lift without the associated risks. Read more to learn about the treatment options available, if you are interested to learn more, speak to our team in our Northwood or Harley Street clinics.

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Why consider a ‘buttock lift’?

Sagging or Drooping Buttocks

Due to factors such as ageing, significant weight loss, lack of muscle use, or genetics, the buttocks may sag or droop. A buttock lift can lift and tighten loose skin, providing a more youthful and firmer appearance.

Flat or Asymmetrical Buttocks

Some individuals naturally have flat or asymmetrical buttocks. A buttock lift can add volume and improve your symmetry, creating a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing silhouette.

Buttock Cellulite 

If you suffer from dimpling or cellulite on the buttocks, Lanluma or Sculptra can help stimulate collagen and give a smoother appearance.

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Treatment Options for a Buttock Lift

Treatment options for a buttock lift at Skin Medical vary depending on your individual aims and anatomy. Here are some of the methods that may be employed; 

Dermal Fillers

HA fillers and collagen stimulating fillers such as Lanluma, made of Poly-L-Lactic Acid particles, are injected deep into the buttocks to promote collagen genesis, helping the buttocks naturally reduce flaccidity, reshape, add volume or improve skin quality.

High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM)  

This technology, often associated with EmSculpt Neo, is known for its ability to stimulate new muscle growth by electrical stimulation of the muscles. This stimulation of the muscles increases muscle tone and bulk. Resulting in a perkier behind. 

Each session is the equivalent of doing 2000 squats

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Which Brands? We only use premium Brands
Who do you have the treatment with? Dr Sabika Karim
When will see results? You will see an immediate result
How much does it cost? ££ - £££
Do I need a consultation? A consultation is compulsory for all treatments

Are buttock lift treatments safe?

The non surgical buttock lift is a much safer alternative to the surgical ‘BBL’ procedure which has received bad press of late, but in the right hands it can be a very safe procedure.

Dr Sabika is a world expert and has been delivering these treatments for over decade.

At Skin Medical, your safety and well-being are our top priorities. Speak to our team today to learn more about the different treatment options and how we ensure the highest standards of care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All of the questions you need to ask about buttock lifts

How long is the recovery period for a buttock lift?

Recovery time varies depending on the specific procedure performed and individual healing factors.

Generally, treatment recovery is relatively quick, although you may have some bruising and slight discomfort. It make take several weeks to fully resume full sporting activities. Dr Sabika Karim will provide detailed post-operative care instructions to ensure a smooth recovery process.

Are buttock lift results permanent?

While the results of a buttock lift can be long-lasting, factors such as ageing, weight fluctuations, and lifestyle choices can affect their longevity. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following post-operative care instructions can help prolong the results. Speak to our team at Skin Medical for personalised advice on maintaining your results.

Who is an ideal candidate for a buttock lift?

Ideal candidates for buttock lift procedures are in good overall health, have realistic expectations, and are keen to address sagging, asymmetrical, or flat buttocks that have not responded to diet and exercise. Dr. Sabika Karim will assess your suitability and discuss the best options for you.

What is the average cost of a buttock lift?

The cost of a buttock lift can vary widely depending on factors such as the specific procedure performed. Contact our team to get a detailed quote tailored to your needs.

Are there any at-home remedies to help with buttock lifting?

While surgical and minimally invasive procedures offer the most significant and immediate results for buttock lifting, there are some at-home remedies and lifestyle changes that may help enhance buttock appearance over time.

The primary focus here should be strength training using functional training methods. These include targeted exercises focusing on the gluteal muscles, such as squats, lunges, and hip thrusts, as well as maintaining a healthy diet rich in protein to support muscle growth and overall skin health.

Staying hydrated and maintaining good posture can also contribute to a more lifted and toned buttock appearance. Give us a call to discuss how these methods can complement your treatment plan.

Can I get a non-surgical buttock lift?

Yes, non-surgical buttock lift options are available for individuals who prefer to avoid surgery or are not suitable candidates for invasive procedures. Non-surgical techniques typically use technologies such as EmSculpt Neo, or injectable fillers to stimulate collagen production and enhance buttock contour.

 Speak to our team to explore the best non-surgical options for your needs.

Remember that Lifestyle Choices remain key

Regular exercise, particularly movements focused on the legs and glute muscles, can help create and maintain a healthy appearance.

Additionally, staying hydrated and incorporating more physical activity into your daily routine can naturally promote muscle toning and improve overall contour.

If you’d like to learn more about these different treatments, visit the respective pages or contact the team today. 

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